Challenges with sharing a bed


My husband and I loved having our own covers when traveling in Switzerland but found that the twin sizes offered here in the U.S. are too wide, so that is what prompted me to start this company, Hooray4Duvetzzz.
The following is a quote from an article by Dr. Robert Oxeman, Director of the Sleep to Live Institute dated 6/18/12.
"Here are a few other ideas for successfully sleeping together.

Separate Sheets and Blankets: Another common cause of partner disturbance is stolen covers. Avoid a fight over the blankets by using your own! You can have one fitted sheet, but for each side of the bed use your own twin size top sheet and blanket. In the morning you can use a duvet or cover that is the same size as your mattress so the bed looks “made up” during the day. This also helps address the different temperature needs of couples who want more or less covers. When I treat couples that are having sleeping issues this is the one tip where I get the most initial push back. However, in the end this is the tip they say has most helped their sleep."

So my question to you is sleeping in the same bed difficult for you or your partner? I look forward to hearing your experiences in the comments area below.