Two duvets on a bed

What is a duvet?  How is it different from a comforter?

The definition of a duvet is:
“a soft quilt filled with down, feathers, or a synthetic fiber, used instead of an upper sheet and blankets.”

Most duvets require a duvet cover but ours do not.  Simply wash, dry, and throw on the bed and you’re done.

Comforters generally sit on top of the sheets and blankets to add warmth.

How do I know which warmth level to purchase?
The 100 level is great for the summertime hot weather.  If you sleep warm, then the 100 is good for most of the year except very cold evenings.  Buy the 300 level if you sleep cold or if you are having cooler weather.  Couples that differ in their sleeping temperature will benefit from buying one 100 level and one 300 level.

With 2 duvets on the bed, don’t they slip off the sides?
No, not at all. We have tested King and Queen beds and never had that problem.  They lay side by side on the bed with a 4 to 5” overlap down the middle.  They are also designed to be long enough to tuck under the mattress at the bottom of the bed if there is no foot board.

Do the duvets and pillow shams shrink after washing and drying?
Yes, the first few washes will shrink the duvets and pillow shams to be the correct size that is on the labels.

With 2 different warmth levels side by side, doesn’t that made the bed look lopsided?
No, we have tried both options on our bed and with the same color and design, they match very well and it looks like one cover on the bed.

Why did we decide to manufacture the products in China?
I looked for a U.S. company to manufacture my products but unfortunately, couldn’t find any to do it.  Even finding the fabric I wanted for the prototypes was not available.  My supplier is a Japanese company that is located in China.  They have been working closely with me since the beginning of 2016 to produce just the right design.

What is your return policy and exchange policy?
If you are not 100% satisfied with the products, please return them within 30 days and I will gladly return your money or exchange them.  The customer is responsible for the return shipping.

1) Please contact us through the contact page on the website or through our Facebook page to request a return or an exchange.  Returns or exchanges must be within 30 days of purchase.

2) Buyer will be responsible for all return shipping fees, repackaging, and processing costs.  The address for returns will be given to you through the email you provided on the contact page.

Please provide us with the details about why you are returning or exchanging the product (damage, order error, etc.).  Hooray4Duvetzzz will not be responsible for return shipments lost or damaged that are returned by customers.

3) Once received, Hooray4Duvetzzz will ship a replacement product of equal value at no cost to the customer or will return the full amount of original purchase cost to the customer.

How can I contact the company?
You can reach us by email through the Contact Page

What type of shipping do you use?
We use UPS ground shipping.  We will ship it with signature required unless you specify that you don’t want to do that.  If you decide not to do signature required, then it is your responsibility to make sure the drop off area at your address is secure.

What if I am a single person with a queen bed?
The width of the large size duvet will just about cover the width of the top of the queen bed.   It will not drape over the sides of the bed.  The best use of our product for a single person in a queen bed is to use it as extra warmth over your current bedding.  This is an easy way to add warmth without the hassle of having to wash an over sized comforter.