Our Story


The Idea:

My sister-in-law would lull herself to sleep imagining that she had special superpowers.  I tried that and I decided that my superpower would grant everyone a good night's sleep.  I wondered then how the world would change.

I found a way to help my family sleep better and wanted to share our solution.

When my husband & I traveled to Switzerland in 2008, our hotel bed was made with just a bottom sheet & 2 duvets.  We loved having our own covers!  We wanted that same comfort at home but we couldn’t find anything similar.  We tried two twin sized duvets with duvet covers but they were too wide, too wrinkled & it was too cumbersome stuffing the duvets into the duvet covers.  

So, I started to make my own exact size, exact weight using different materials with no duvet cover needed.

Having our own personal duvets helps us sleep much better and also improves our ability to sleep together without any conflicts over temperature or coverage.


My Helpers


Style & Quality:

Many years have been devoted to perfecting these duvets.  After making many prototypes, then having samples made from my supplier, we picked a very soft wrinkle-resistant fabric on the top in a variety of colors, and soft cotton on the bottom.  The filling is light & fluffy.  No animal products are used.

The stitching pattern & beautiful fabric edging gives a style suitable for side-by-side placement on a king or queen bed or for a single twin bed or to be used as a cozy cover while lying on the couch.